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RISE.365 counselling service aims to promote good mental health and wellbeing by providing a high quality, professional service in a confidential and safe environment. The service is free of charge for all aged 14+.
Counselling is based on the building of a close and trusting relationship between the counsellor and client via weekly sessions.
These sessions are 50 minutes and are offered on the same day and time, with the same counsellor each week.
It can help to talk about your experiences, make sense of them and provide a space that allows you to express difficult thoughts and feelings and learn how to manage them in a more constructive way.*

*Counsellors do not offer advice or tell the client what to do. Nor do they represent or advocate on the behalf of the client, other organisations or individuals.


Those who are motivated and organised to a level that they can attend weekly 50-minutes appointments for a minimum of six weeks, willing to engage in conversation, discuss their personal life, and be able to think about and take responsibility for making change in relation to their situation.*

(We can offer a maximum of 15 weeks of counselling).

*Counselling is usually not suitable for those who are experiencing severe mental health problems such as psychosis, personality disorders and eating disorders. It is also usually unsuitable for those with learning difficulties, in a crisis situation, or those who are at active risk to themselves or others.
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